October 2, 2022

Religious Leaders everywhere are expected to hold the forth to ensure that the right things happens in any country for the good of its citizens.

They are expected to be vocal no matter the party of the day. They do not owe any obligation to either the opposition or the ruling party to say what is right.

Our situation in Sierra Leone is different, Religious Leaders as moral guarantors of our peace have not stood the test of time to write the wrongs the APC and the SLPP are perpetrating on us, the masses.

For the last ten years, they have wined and dined with former President Koroma and have not been brave enough to tell the wrongs of the regime. The situation is also the same with the Bio Government.

Religious Leaders have held religious services, both Muslim and Christian at State House bugt have never dared to speak to the issues, be it around the rule of law, opening-up the space for opposition parties, civil society and the media or the provision of basic social services and the current economic situation.

Infact what is interesting and very disappointing for Sierra Leoneans, is the fact that the Religious Leaders have divided themselves across the traditional political parties.

It is clear from regime after the Presidency and   government by extension, would lean to a particular faith and certain members of other sects against others as the political party determines.

The administration of the hajj for example changes hands as the regime changes despite the fact that there is a Council of Imams and other umbrella Muslim organizations that should take charge, no matter the Government in Power.

The saying of prayers at public and national functions also changes from one Government to another. There is a now a shift from the interfaith and Interdenominational approach during the APC to a Catholic favoured type.

The above scenario explains why our Religious leaders could not easily say the truth to our political leaders on their faces. Their stance on happenings on earth and their inability to say the truth would definitely one day hunt them when we face all face the Almighty God.

Even in their various churches and mosques, they have failed to preach the right message to their followers instead they have choose to preach that which glorifies their paymasters.

They have moved away from their responsibilities of maintaining and sustaining the peace by calling things by their names. In Sierra Leone it is mostly visible when things go out of hands (wata pass gari).

Why not speak to the issues that have the tendency to create the conflicts in the country.

Their role in society is very much critical and significant to the peace and stability of the country. They have no business pleasing political leaders and parties against the dictates of the holy books.

Leaders should use their pulpits and other places of worship to condemn the partial role of our Police and Judiciary in dealing with national issues.

Have they ever bothered to understand the situation in our prisons across the country or the lack of the rights to self-assembly which the APC and the SLPP have stifled over the years.

Our Religious Leaders are part and parcel of the underdevelopment that Sierra Leone has found itself in largely because they have failed to play their roles.

How can they advocate for Peace when even among them there is no peace. Internal wrangling has divided them both in the Churches and mosques and also at interdenominational levels and hence the work of God is in shambles.