October 2, 2022

By Janet A Sesay

Agnes Jajua, who is the third prosecution witness in the ongoing murder trial of Kadija Madinatu Saccoh, has yesterday testified before Magistrate Marke Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No.2 against Mariana Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah whom police alleged conspired together with other persons unknown to murder Kadija Madinatu Saccoh.

Led in evidence by state prosecutor, Joseph Sesay, the witness recognized both accused as her neighbors living in the same compound. She also states that she knew the deceased, Kadija Madintu Saccoh, who was living with the accused.

She recalled Wednesday 17 June 2020. She states that, on that day, she was at her apartment in the morning hours when the first accused called her. She said she met the accused.

”The first accused told me that she was unwell, that her head was spinning and her eyes were dark. I told her to take blood tonic,” she told the court.

She continued that the first accused then called the second accused to purchase blood tonic for her. According to her, the second accused bought the tonic and gave it to her, and went back to her apartment.

The witness said, in the evening, the first accused called her again, and told her that the deceased had fainted. She said she met the first accused carrying the deceased on her back.

“I left them there and went to the bathroom and took a bath. I entered into my room to dress up. When I came outside, I did not meet them,” she informed the court.

She furthered that she then closed her door and followed them. At the junction she said saw the second accused and asked him about the deceased. While discussing with him, one Alex called the second accused and told him that they were at Lumley.

“We took a bike and headed for Lumley. On our way, we got a call that they had taken the child to Choithram Hospital,” she told the court.

While at the hospital’s gate, the first accused called me. The doctor wanted to know the mother of the child. He called the second accused, Ibrahim, and told him that the deceased had passed away.

The witness said she made a statement to the police.

During cross examination, by the defense counsel, M.A. Kamara, the witness said that the first accused usually left the child with her when going to do her business, adding that she was once a suspect at the police station concerning this matter.

On behalf of the second accused, defense counsel E.T. Koroma asked the witness if the second accused was also doing business.

“I answered in the affirmative. We all burst into tears when the child was pronounced dead.”

Sallay Bura Kamara, a business woman, said she knew the deceased, Kadija, through her friend. She also recalled that, on the same date, she was at home in the evening hours talking to her friend, Binta, who told her that the first accused was not well and that the deceased had severe cold.

“I straight away called the first accused and asked her about her health and that of the deceased. She told me that she was playing. I told her on the phone that Binta had told me that the deceased was unwell. I told her to get paracetamol tablet to give her,” she said to a very silent court.

The witness furthered that the first accused told her that she did not have medicine. She said she told her that she had some tabs and she should send somebody to collect them.

“The first accused sent Brima and I gave him the medicine,” she continued.

She said later the first accused called her again and told her that the deceased had fainted.

“In fact, while trying to talk to her my phone fell off my hand. When I picked it up and called Binta, she told me that the deceased had fainted. I told her to go to the house to check on them. On her way, she called the first accused who told her that they were taking the deceased to the 34 Military Hospital,” she narrated.

She said she took a bike and called them inquiring about their location. She informed her that they were heading for Lumley. When she caught up with them they all headed for Lumley.

She said they went to Irene Hospital where the doctor referred the child to the Connaught Hospital. She said she called Mohammed, who told them to take the child to the Choithram Hospital at Hill Station.

Upon their arrival, the doctor asked about the mother of the child.

“I called the first accused who told the doctor that she was the mother of the child. Later I heard the first accused shouting that the deceased had passed away.”

The witness was also cross examined by the defense counsel.

The accused were arraigned on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder, contrary to law.

The charge sheet indicates that the accused, on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at Spur Road in Freetown, conspired together with other persons unknown to murder Kadija Madinatu Saccoh.

Both accused were remanded in custody and the matter was adjourned to the 20th August 2020.