September 28, 2022

The main opposition APC party is getting jittery over the outcome of the Government White Paper on the just concluded Commissions of Enquiry.
Various social media insinuations from top ranking APC big guns have speculated that the Government of President Bio is planning to ban key opposition figures from active political activities ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
It is always the case that the Commissions of Enquiry like many others in the history of the country had got very serious consequences for politicians who are found culpable.
It is on record that many senior politicians from both the APC and the SLPP including the current Speaker of Parliament, Dr.Abass Bundu,Late President Tejan Kabbah and many others were subjects of various Commissions of Enquiry where their properties were seized.
They had gone back to contest the outcomes of such Commissions of Enquiry and ended up challenging their decisions in courts.
The drafters of our laws had left a room for individuals implicated in Commissions of Enquiries to contest the outcomes in the country’s Appeals Court.
The APC is still making us to believe that the outcome of the Government White Paper is another ploy to witch hunt their membership and senior party officials.
Just like they had trusted the process by sending legal representatives to argue against the various evidences presented by the State they should also be able and ready to challenge the Government White Paper on the Commissions of Enquiry.
President Bio has clearly stated that the Commissions of Enquiry is part of his Government continuous efforts to create the transparency and accountability space for both past and present government officials.
He has maintained that the current process is expected to end the notion that political offices are there to enrich themselves rather than as avenues to serve the people.
It is a fact that with all the developments that the APC has provided as a party to the people of Sierra Leone the Commissions of Enquiry and various investigations conducted so far by the ACC has shown massive corruption and misappropriation of state resources in the last ten years.
The recovery of over sixteen (16) billion Leones which is expected to build a modern diagnostic hospital is very clear evidence to show that there were huge accountability issues in the governance of the APC in the last ten years and these wrongdoings must not go free with no consequences attached.
The law has adequately provided for consequences for people who perpetrate wrongs while in office.
Those APC politicians who are sure of their stewardship are home and dry and has nothing to worry about but those who have used state resources as their own will definitely face the consequences and they must be ready to brace-up for these consequences.