September 28, 2022

By Janet A Sesay
Alex Tarawallie has testified in a larceny matter presided over by Magistrate Hannah Bonnie of Pa Demba Road court in Freetown.
The accused, Saidu Kamara was alleged by police to have stolen assorted tiles valued at Le10M from a store at Signal Hill Road in Freetown.
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ibrahim Mansaray is prosecuting the larceny matter.
Led in evidence during that day’s proceedings, Alex Tarawalie said he recognized the accused person as co-worker to the complainant. The witness also recalled the 27th August, 2019.
On that day, witness said, he was at home when the accused informed him that complainant had instructed them to collect tiles from the store and take them to Murray Town in Freetown.
Tarawallie said upon the instruction, he met the accused person at the store and they loaded the tiles inside a vehicle. “ On our arrival at Murray Town, the accused gave me money and I returned home,” witness said.
Witness further testified that complainant asked him about the tiles later, and he explained to him about what transpired between him and the accused person.
Upon such information, witness said, complainant reported the matter to police. “I was invited to make statements which I did,” Witness said.
On the same day, a formal witness, Detective Inspector Aminata Kamara attached Criminal Investigations Department (CID) also testified in the larceny matter.
Inspector Kamara told the court that he recognized the accused person and recalled 12th September, 2019.
Inspector Kamara said she was on duty at the police station, on the said date, when the larceny matter was referred to her for investigation.
“I obtained voluntary caution statement from the accused person in compliance with the Judges’ rules,” she said.
The judges rules is set of guidelines for the conduct of criminal investigations.
The caution statements were tendered in evidence and formed part of court records.
Similarly, Detective police constable Mohammed Conteh attached to the House Breaking and Larceny syndicate at the CID also took the witness stand on the same day.
DPC Conteh told the court that he charged the accused person with the larceny offence having jointly obtained statements from him.
Counsel Ibrahim Markfoi is representing the accused person. He cross-examined all witnesses and applied for bail on behalf of the accused.
Bail refused and the matter adjourned to 19th February.